Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A slivered face.

He walked with me, westward
across the sky, disappearing
home behind mountains;

yet, he lingered

like a porch-light, turned on,

the steps before me.


  1. The moon always lights our paths. Remember on the farm how I always told you to be brave and let the darkness be your friend and that using the flashlights ruined your night vision. So much more to see with widened pupils then in a blaring beam of man-made light. Have you heard the owls? They tend to be a big more vocal this time of year. I read the book Owl Moon today and remembered my conversation with a Barred Owl back in Iowa. Whoo Whoo Who Cooks for YOUOOOOOOO!

  2. I haven't heard any owls here yet. There was a pack of coyotes singing though.

    I do remember to let the darkness be my friend...there is much more to see than what is contained withing the flashlight's small beam.

    Owl Moon...and I was just thinking about The Tomten today!