Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Will He Make Straight?

My bent road, remains rigidly
confused; directionally refused,

like poles of assurance, demagnetized
as my thoughts lean, lured towards the whispers
of ghosting fears; questioning memory's
recesses and haunts, holding holy verses
like a string on my finger, a divorced reminder
marking failed faith; in waiting
The Answer, doubt incubates unbelief...

"That is sin"
say those on the straight,
about this narrow shadowed path

trod by my soul, affecting understanding in passing
time's cairns;

memorials to my life,
lost in trust.

1 comment:

  1. But true faith in what is unseen is deeply rooted in your generational roots and like a tree planted by the water you may drift with the tides but you will not be far removed for the roots are strong. Cling to the hope of the unseen, know that all questions won't be answered, live your faith independent of organized religion, be like your Grandma...always questioning but never giving up. Oh and make sure that we somehow sever others so we do not become too self centered.

    I like your reference to the thought of having cairns in our lives. Memorials or landmarks of where we have been and some we have yet to build to guide us to where we will be going.

    We should build a ceremonial cairn on your land and one on mine too. Each rock representing part of our journies that has helped to shape us. The good and the bad.